A Riva Ariston #700 built by Cantieri Riva, Italy, in 1965

  • Peter Freebody River Craft

  • Length21ft 8in
  • Beam7ft 1in
  • Draft1ft 7in
  • Powered by1 x Chris Craft 185hp V8 petrol engine
  • Year of build1965


Riva Ariston “BIBI” has remained in the same family ownership since 1992 during which time she has enjoyed light annual use on Lake Windermere until 2005 when she was placed in covered storage. 

We have been advised that her engine, installed around 8 years ago, is a reconditioned replacement of the original model.  Whilst intact with all relevant deck fittings, “BIBI” is in need of various works to bring her back to good order and enable her to be enjoyed once again.

Included in the sale price is 1 x four wheel road trailer.

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