"Lady Christie"

Healey Sports Boat '55' built 1956 by Healey Marine.

  • Peter Freebody River Craft

  • Length16ft
  • Beam5ft 15in
  • Draft16in
  • HullBuilt of mahogany on oak timbers, hull sides comprising of one complete mahogany plank per side (taken from the same log to ensure matching grain figuring).
  • DecksAlternate teak and mahogany
  • Powered by1 x 1498cc Healey Marine '55' petrol engine
  • Year of build1956
  • Locationlocation


This launch was originally owned by Lady Christie of the famous auction family, to take her across from Brownsea Island to Poole Harbour.

She was then purchased and used on the river Thames until the early 1970's - at which time she was taken out of the water and put into storage. Her current owner purchased the boat in 2005 (becoming only the third owner in fifty years) and subsequently brought her to us for complete restoration including renovation of her original Healey engine.

During restoration no serial numbers were found on the launch and we believe it could possibly have been the first prototype of this particular model to have come out of the workshop of Donald Healey.

"Lady Christie" is for sale complete with overall cover and purpose built trailer.

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